Solar Energy


This energy is obtained directly from the sun. Solar energy is known to drive the weather and climate all year round. It also supports life on earth.

Most of the renewable energy flow is contributed by heat and light coming from the sun in conjunction with wind, hydroelectricity, wave power and biomass.

All technologies related to the solar energy tend to utilize the energy of sun for practical ends. These technologies are as old as the time period belonging to the early Greeks, Chinese and Native Americans.

  Solar Photovoltaic Cycle 1

These individuals belonging to different parts of the world used to warm their buildings via orienting these technologies towards the sun. The solar technologies developed today function towards providing heating, electricity and lighting. Today, solar power is widely used with solar energy. It is also used to convert sunlight into electricity. The conversion can be undertaken through the photovoltaic effect or heating any transfer fluid in order to produce steam and run a generator.

Solar Photovoltaic Cycle 2
Solar Thermal Power Cycle
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