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Organizations running under R.S. India Group have successfully launched several projects in the past few years. These projects have helped in transforming the way people obtain and utilize energy. The company has brought these radical changes in an efficient manner without bringing any harm to the environment.

R.S. India Wind Energy Private Limited

R.S. India Wind Energy Private Limited was established with a vision to develop non-conventional energy projects mainly in the state of Maharashtra as well as other parts of India. PTC India Financial Service Ltd. holds 37 percent share holding in the company. There are two nominee PTC directors in the company’s board.

The organization is currently engaged in setting up wind power project under the following two stages:

  1. 100MW: Stage 1
  2. 200MW: Stage 2

This project connects all WEGS in a pool by means of 33KV overhead transmission lines in the wind farm as well as terminating it at the nearest MSEDCL substation located in Debewadi, Satara District. The substation is located at a distance of 4kms from the site of project.

The project works towards integrating wind farm and Bio Diesel plantations in conjunction with Allied projects in the same location under both the stages.

Location & Site:
The best identified and approved site for the proposed wind farm project is in the hilly plains of Satara District, Maharashtra. The company plans to acquire up to 1500-2000 acres for stages I & II. The soil conditions of the site are favorable for construction of WEG tower foundation as well as other buildings.

The soil is rocky and uneven. It is just the way Deccan Plateau hillocks or mountains generally possess. R.S. India Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd. has finalized on one thousand of acres of land. The remaining 500 acres of land acquisition is at advanced stage.


Kolekarwadi Village, Patan Taluk

Udhawane Village, Patan Taluk



Bhosagaon Village, Patan Taluk

Karle Village, Patan Taluk

Longitude & Latitude

N 17 o 14 09.0
E 73o 54’ 36.5”

N 17 o 14 49.1
E 73o 52’ 03.9”

N 17 o 14 09.5
E 73o 53’ 29.1”

N 17 o 13 55.0
E 73o 55’ 18.4

N 17 o 14 14.6”
E 73o 52’ 51.1”

Nearest Railway Station


Nearest National Highway

NH-2 Pune-Kolhapur-Bangalore –60Km

Nearest Airport

Pune- 160Km from Site

Additional Sites Identification & Acquisition work underway in Tamine & Salve Villages situated in the same vicinity.

R.S INDIA Solar Energy Private Limited

Established as a Private Limited company in India, RS India Solar Energy has been efficiently functioning towards carrying out important accomplishment of business goals throughout the nation and across the globe.
R. S. India Bio Mass Energy Private Limited

Project Undertaken 50 MW, Location Bhuna Block- Fatehabad District, Farukh Nagar Block-Gurgaon, Assandh Block Karnal, Nathusari Chopta Block Sirsa, Barwala Block Hissar. 50 MW Bio Mass Project is under process by Haryana Government in 5 locations.
R.S. India Hydro Power Private Limited

Established as a private limited organization, R.S. India Hydro Power has been efficiently promoting and organizing an integrated Hydro Electric Power Development in all its crucial aspects such as investigation, planning, designing, research and preparation of preliminary, feasible and definite project reports as well as undertaking crucial development and construction, procurement and erection for Hydro Power Projects establishment to facilitate efficient and consistent electricity generation via using varied fuel types.
RK Wind Private Limited

When RK Wind Private Limited was established, the company had a vision to plan, organize and promote an integrated and super efficient electric power development. The firm has also taken good care of all crucial aspects of Electric Power Development including the following:

    a) Planning of preliminary, feasible and definite project reports
    b) Investigation of preliminary, feasible and definite project reports
    c) Research of preliminary, feasible and definite project reports
    d) Preparation of preliminary, feasible and definite project reports
    e) Undertaking of all the following crucial tasks for power projects for electricity generation via using different     fuels in whatever manner required:

        1) Development
        2) Construction
        3) Erection
        4) Procurement 

      The primary function of the organization is to undertake the tasks of Transmission lines construction and Ancillary work to facilitate well coordinated exchange power in a timely fashion.

      RK Wind Private Limited has collaborated with a well known and reputed German Company; M/s Wind Technik Nord. The initiative was a step forward to utilize excellent German Technology for Wind Mill Equipments Manufacture.

      The company is also being indicated for expert Wind Turbine (600KW) development at Bawal in Haryana & Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

      R.S. India Power Limited

      The organization was successfully established as a Limited Company in order to plan, promote as well as organize an integrated and efficacious development of electric power in all crucial aspects such as planning, designing, investigation, research and preparation of feasible, preliminary and definite project reports as well as taking up of necessary development and construction, procurement and erection work for power projects establishment in order to generate electricity via using fuel. The organization also focuses on distribution of all types of electric power, operation, construction and maintenance of the power such as Renovation & Modernization of electric power station and projects, establishment of distribution systems as well as any other matter related with distribution and/or supply of electrical power generated at Electric Power Station.

      The primary function of the organization is to efficiently undertake requisite Transmission lines construction and Ancillary work for timely and coordinated Exchange power.

      PTC India Ltd., R.S. India Power Pvt. Ltd., Powertech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. and Anandrao Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. signed a MOU in order to set up a crucial 2x300 MW power project in Maharashtra.  

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