Hydel Energy


Also known as hydraulic power, hydropower is the energy or force of moving water. The energy may be utilized for various other purposes. Hydropower was widely utilized for a number of purposes prior to the wide availability of commercial electric power. It was used for irrigation and operation of varied machines including textile machines, water mills and sawmills. A trompe tends to produce compressed air from falling water that can be further utilized to run other machinery lying at some distance from the water.There are several ways in which moving water has been exploited. Water wheels and watermills were built widely in India. Imperial Rome used water powered mills and produced flour from grain.

China and the remaining Far East Operated ‘pot wheel’ pumps hydraulically to raise water into irrigation canals. The year 1830 was considered to be the peak period of the canal-building. During this period hydropower was utilized to transport huge traffic up and down steep hills by utilizing inclined plain railroads. In order to facilitate direct mechanical power transmission, the industries utilizing hydropower were supposed to locate near the water fall. For instance, during the half of the 19th century, most grist mills were built at Saint Anthony falls via using the 50 foot drop in the Mississippi River. These mills facilitated the growth of Minneapolis. Hydraulic power networks also existed in conjunction with the utilization of pipes that carried pressurized liquid to transmit mechanical power derived from a power source, such as a pump, to end users.

Modern hydropower is widely used for the creation of hydroelectricity. This facilitates low cost energy to be utilized at long distances from the water source.

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